It’s the community you need
right when you need it.

We are families and neighbors committed to preparing for natural disasters, together.


It’s free?

What will I get?

  • Expert steps for disaster planning

  • Tips from resilient families

  • Recipes for cooking without power

  • Interviews with resilience experts

  • Videos for using gear in an emergency

  • Travel itineraries for visiting disaster prone areas fearlessly and thoughtfully

This is fantastic. It’s taken us forever to get prepared. I loved your story about being afraid to go to the coast. We were too. Not anymore!
— Katherine
Our emergency contact sheet is up on the wall and the kids have all practiced calling if there’s an emergency. One less thing to be worried about!
— Lexi

Ready to take another step?


No matter where you live
or where you travel,
the Disaster Deck is your
resource for vital steps
in any disaster.

It’s your on-the-go backup.

Such a clever idea! My favorite is the Be Well card.
— Mia
I stuck one in every stocking when I went to visit my family in California. Everyone thought it was an awesome gift!
— Eileen
My neighbor told me about it and now we all have them in our cars.
— Jared