We are moms, professionals, and planners. We consider ourselves resourceful and responsible, but our hometown of Bend, Oregon is always under the threat of wildfires, earthquakes and more.  Three years ago we realized how unprepared we really were.

If we – list-making, box-checking, news-reading, calendar-keeping moms – weren’t ready for a natural disaster, chances are other families weren’t either.

Terra Frma grew from our desire to help families build resilience and be truly prepared should a natural disaster occur.

We teamed up with disaster experts and psychology experts who work with first responders to design a method that blasts through any urge to resist planning and guides families through the before, during and after of an event.   People deserve to confidently navigate emergencies with the things they need and the people they love.

We made a product for us. For our families. For your family. Instead of selling packs and bins full of gear you may already have or not know how to use, we created a holistic approach to guide your preparedness and wellness, no matter the event.

It’s a product that will motivate action and inspire completion. It’s the secret sauce that will finally get you ready. Simply, effectively and completely.

We believe in our customers. That’s why we know you’ve got this.

Allison and Kelley


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